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Hubíková, Olga
Case management focused on the life situation of long-term care in social work at municipal authorities
Prague: RILSA, 2018. 101 pp. – ISBN 978-80-7416-334-0

The aim of this study is to explore, on the basis of extensive qualitative and quantitative data sets, the possibilities and limits of case management (CM) implementation in municipality social work in giving assistance to clients in different types of situations related to long-term care (LTC) need or long-term care (LTC) provision. The research focused on the extent to which and in what form social work is currently being established in relation to LTC situations; as well as on social worker experience and awareness of the CM method in general, and specifically in assisting and supporting clients in different LTC situations. Part of the study is a theoretical subchapter dealing with various concepts, models and methods of CM. The section focused on CM includes a detailed presentation of empirical findings regarding various aspects of CM use, including the conditions for applying this method. The final synthesis denotes the implementation of social work with some LTC situations and the CM method as a dual innovation; it also summarises a set of basic recommendations on the conditions and prerequisites for CM use in social work focused on LTC situations in municipalities.

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