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Hora, Ondřej – Suchanec, Miroslav – Horáková, Markéta – Rákoczyová, Miroslava – Sirovátka, Tomáš
Assessment of the short-term and medium-term impacts of selected ALM programs implemented in 2014 with an emphasis on the situation of the long-term unemployed
Prague: RILSA, 2018. 151 pp. – ISBN 978-80-7416-336-4

In this study, we assessed chosen measures of active labour market policy realised in the Czech Republic in 2014. This included Professional traineeships for young people, training programs, subsidised workplaces in private sector and subsidised workplaces in public sector. We used administrative data from unemployment registers of Labour office. Our specific focus was aimed to considering situation of long term unemployed in both analysis of targeting of programs to specific groups of unemployed and analysis of impacts of the program. Impact of the programs were interpreted as good for subsidised workplaces in private sector and generally for long-term unemployed. Impacts of other programs including training programs, professional traineeships and subsidised workplaces in public sector were interpreted as moderate or modest. We suppose that these less pronounced effects are also consequence of low targeting of these programs to more disadvantaged groups of unemployed, for subsidised workplaces in public sector it was a consequence of temporal character of the placement in public sector.

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