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Havlíková, Jana
Social work in primary schools and in educational counselling facilities: the analysis of the current situation in the Czech Republic
Prague: RILSA – Research Centre in Brno, 2018. 107 pp., ISBN 978-80-7416-332-6

In the Czech Republic, similar to Slovakia, school social work has been rather on the edge of the attention of academics and professionals in the field of social work. However, as the experience of some other countries shows, school social work can be an important asset in the efforts of the educational systems balance the chances of success in education, regardless of social background and conditions of pupils. The presented study is the first comprehensive monograph on the topic of school social work in primary schools and in educational counselling facilities in the Czech Republic. It focuses not only on the theoretical definition of the school social work, including its legislative entrenchment, but it also brings current empirical findings related to specific dimensions of the activities of the school social workers or social workers in the field of educational counselling facilities. The monograph contains empirically-based recommendations as well, which are aimed to promote the development of social work education in the Czech Republic. The study is among others based on the empirical data on school social work collected within the project „Analysis of the current state of the performance of social work in schools and educational counselling establishments and the current state of the performance of social work in selected medical facilities“, founded by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, CZ, and carried out by the Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs, v. v. i. during the period September 2017to April 2018.

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