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Schebelle Danica – Kubát, Jan – Bareš, Pavel

Prague: RILSA, 2018. 109 pp., ISBN 978-80-7416-322-7

The main objective of the monograph processed within the project funded by the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic was to map out the specifics of the process of integration of minors of Third Country Nationals (TCNs) in selected regions of the Czech Republic, namely in the Capital City of Prague, Pilsen Region, South Moravian Region, Usti Region, Liberec Region, Karlovy Vary Region, South Bohemia Region. During the mapping of the specifics of the integration process, consideration was given to the preferences of parents of foreigners in the education of their children and to the preferences in the creation of value frames of children, through which research areas were determined. As part of the methodological approach, an expert questionnaire survey was first carried out and evaluated, attended by 29 experts of selected institution of state administration, self-government and NGOs. Subsequently, the online questioning of specialists of education, self-government, state administration and non-governmental non-profit sector was carried out, which was attended by 373 respondents who met with the issue of integration of minors of (TCNs) within their professional practice. Focus groups were also organized with pupils and students in selected regional towns, including Prague, Ústí nad Labem, Karlovy Vary and Brno. The survey results were enriched with knowledge acquired via secondary analysis of available relevant sources and statistical data. The part of the project was to propose appropriate measures aimed at supporting and strengthening the process of integration of minors of (TCNs) not only within the educational system of the Czech Republic, but mainly within the Czech Republic’s majority society as such.

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