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Rákoczyová, M., Kotrusová, M., Horák, P., Kubát, J., Marešová, H., Schebelle, D., Táborská, M., Trbola, R., Váňová, J.

Implementation of selected programmes of active employment policy and evaluation of their efficiency and effectiveness by the perspective of of the Czech Labor Office employeesin 2017: Partial Study I.

Prague: RILSA, 2019. 85 pp., ISBN 978-80-7416-338-8

This study is mapping the implementation of selected tools of active labor market programmes (ALMP) in 2017 through the reflection of the Czech Labor Office employees in 2017. It concentrates mainly on the following active labor market programmes: community work, socially purposeful jobs and retraining. This sub-report complements the quantitative analysis „Evaluation of short and mid-term impacts of some ALM programmes with focus on long-term unemployed people implemented in 2014“ with a qualitatively in-depth insight into the issue. A mixed methodology of socio-scientific research was used, where on-line questioning was conducted, followed by individual semi-structured interviews and group interviews with respondents from all regions of the Czech Republic. Statistical analysis of quantitative data and content (thematic) analysis of qualitative data was used to analyze the data.

Acquired findings point to relatively well-defined ALMP, which promote employment and employability of people in the labor market, however, it encounters specificities related to the functioning of the labor market during the period of full employment and to systemic restrictions related to unemployment in the Czech Republic (especially seizure or property, low wages, illegal employment).

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