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Mertl, Jiří – Bareš, Pavel

Social entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic: exploration of the (re)integration potential of social enterprises in marginalized persons with regard to those released from imprisonment

Prague: RILSA, 2019. 57 pp., ISBN 978-80-7416-347-0

The monograph presents the results of the research carried out within the project “The future of work and a new collective bargaining strategy in the future of digitalization and the revolution of skills”. The specific focus of this research was similar as in the preceding author’s researches, i.e. the position and possibilities of work integration of persons with the criminal record. This fact has made the assignment of this research significantly different from the focus of other research carried out within the framework of the above mentioned broader project.

Yet the previous research projects clearly demonstrated the existence of a number of significant barriers which these persons encounter in the open labour market. For this reason it is beneficial to focus on the role that economic subjects that either do not participate in the open labour market or pursue not only economic objectives can play in promoting the employment of these persons or in promoting employment of disadvantaged persons in general.

The monograph therefore focused on the evaluation of the role of social enterprises in the employment of people disadvantaged in the labour market. The monograph captures recent practical experiences and findings on functioning of social entrepreneurship in the Czech conditions as well as the possibilities of Czech social enterprises in employing disadvantaged persons, or more specifically in the employment of persons registered in the Criminal Register. It also clarifies some more general contexts, such as the notions of the person disadvantaged in the labour market, their participation and integration in the open labour market, the concept of social entrepreneurship in Europe and the USA, the concept of work integration social enterprise, etc.


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