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Vyhlídal, Jiří – Plasová, Blanka

Autonomie rozhodování liniových pracovníků ve veřejných službách zaměstnanosti v Jihomoravském kraji (Factorial Survey Experiment) / The autonomy of decision-making by street-level workers in public employment services in South Moravian Region (Factorial Survey Experiment)

Prague: RILSA, 2020. 111 pp., ISBN 978-80-7416-343-2 (print); 978-80-7416-377-7 (pdf)

The rapidly changing social, technological and economic conditions of production and reproduction require a high degree of mobility and ability to adapt quickly. In response to these employers‘ demands, developed countries are transforming their welfare states from passive to active and implementing activation policies. The success of implementing this type of policy is critically dependent on street-level workers, their ability to correctly diagnose clients, and to decide on the appropriate means of intervention. Street-level workers are increasingly perceived not as those who only implement policies, but as those who create them.

The present study aims to find out in which direction and to what extent the selected set of characteristics of fictitious job seekers influences the decision-making of street-level workers of the PES. Answers to these questions are sought through a questionnaire survey conducted in the population of street-level workers of the Labour Office of the Czech Republic, who are engaged in mediation and counselling as part of their job description. In order to identify the causal influence of individual characteristics on street-level workers‘ decision making, the experimental design of the survey was chosen: Factorial Survey Experiment.

The autonomy of decision-making by street-level workers dealing with mediation and counseling has been operationalized as a three-stage process: diagnosis, reasoning and intervention. Two of these processes (diagnosis and intervention) are sought to be made clear and described how they are influenced by the characteristics of fictious applicants, respondents themselves and respondents perceived characteristics of the organizational environment.

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