RILSA „GIVE Guidance for Individual Vocations“

Adult guidance practitioners confirm the changes required with concern to the provision of counselling in the ever-changing world of work. They often face the need to address various problems arising from changes in the labour market and the specific nature of new forms of work, as well as new work organisation approaches, often connected with digitalisation. Pressure is increasing significantly on the independence of the labour force as is the trend regarding efforts towards self-organisation, often within the framework of the expansion of the platform economy. The aim of the project is to provide support for both adult guidance practitioner professionals and policy makers with concern to the implementation of new approaches and strategies for the provision of counselling and education for selected target groups in the labour market that will be most affected by the effects of digitalisation, automation and robotisation.

The project „GIVE Guidance for Individual Vocations“  will benefit from both international cooperation and the comparison of various approaches and experience, while providing support for innovative and up-to-date educational and vocational guidance by raising the awareness of the expansion of new forms of work in the digitalised labour market and its impact on various professions.

For more information on the project, see the appendix (in English):

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