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Kotrusová, Miriam – Kubát, Jan – Marešová, Helena – Schebelle, Danica – Táborská, Marie

Role poskytovatelů sociálních služeb pro (dlouhodobě nezaměstnané) osoby bez domova v procesu hledání a udržení si zaměstnání a jejich spolupráce s ÚP ČR / The role of social service providers for (long-term unemployed) homeless people in the process of finding and keeping a job and their cooperation with the Labour Office of the Czech Republic

Prague: RILSA, 2020. 95 pp., ISBN 978-80-7416-358-6 (print); 978-80-7416-378-4 (pdf)

Aims of our research were to identify a role of social services providers to long-term unemployed people to find a job and determine how social service providers cooperate with labour officers in the process of looking for a job. Because of great heterogeneity of social service providers as well as long-term unemployed people, we narrowed a target group to providers of a shelter to homeless people whom social assistance benefits are payed by labour office. Examples of the social service providers included in our research were different types of asylum homes or dosshouses according to the Czech social service legislation. We used quantitative and qualitative methods of data collection. Main conclusions of our research confirm results of previously realised researches that cooperation between labour offices and social service providers in general is functioning well if at the local levels informal and friendly relations between them exist. To provide effective (and real) social work with homeless people is necessary to ensure coordination and, in some cases also functional cooperation between subjects providing a shelter to homeless persons and labour officers, who administer social benefits as well as job brokerage to them.

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