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Dohnalová, Marie – Bareš, Pavel

Legislativní a institucionální podmínky pro činnost sociálních podniků a pro zaměstnávání osob znevýhodněných na trhu práce: s přihlédnutím ke specifickému postavení a možnostem pracovní integrace u osob se záznamem v trestním rejstříku / Legislative and institutional conditions for the activities of social enterprises and for the employment of persons disadvantaged in the labour market: taking into account the specific position and possibilities of work integration for persons with a criminal record

Praha: VÚPSV, v. v. i., 2020. 94 pp., ISBN 978-80-7416-359-3 (print); 978-80-7416-387-6 (pdf)

The monograph provides a comprehensive overview of key conditions and main mechanisms, activities, programs, etc. designed to support social enterprises in the Czech Republic, which determine their current position and the possibilities of their functioning. The monograph concerns in this regard on the employment of persons disadvantage in the labour market in general, as well as on selected aspects related to the employment of persons with a criminal record.

The activities of social enterprises are to a great extent restrained because of the absence of sufficient legislative regulation of social entrepreneurship in the Czech Republic. The conditions for its functioning are based on legal regulation designed primarily for different purposes. The support of social entrepreneurship is therefore in principle based on ad hoc measures, which are neither sufficiently coordinated nor appropriately integrated in the institutional system of business support.

The development of work integration social enterprises restrains more specifically the fact, that the legal institutes which support the employment of persons disadvantaged in the labour market, such as sheltered workshops, sheltered jobs, social services, employment policy instruments, etc., have different conception and it is very difficult to harmonize them with other activities of a social enterprise. This is particularly evident in the case of the employment of persons with a criminal record (a sheltered job is an institute intended exclusively to support the employment of people with disabilities).


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