October update of the Development of the main Economic and Social Indicators of the Czech Republic 1990–2019 reflects the Impacts of the Coronavirus Pandemic

The October update of selected economic and social indicators concerning the Czech Republic, as regularly performed by RILSA, supplements the long-term time series with data for the 2nd and 3rd quarters of 2020. The results reveal the first economic impacts of the covid-19 pandemic. The data, which is based on a number of sources, i.e. the Czech Statistical Office, the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs, the Czech National Bank, etc. indicates, for example, a significant decrease in GDP, an increase in unemployment, a decline in real wages and a slowdown in foreign trade. The next quarterly update will be published by RILSA in January 2021.


More information can be found at: https://old.rilsa.cz/en/featured-projects/economic-and-social-indicators-of-the-czech-republic/

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