A new publication by RILSA – Family report 2020

Kuchařová, Věra – Barvíková, Jana – Höhne, Sylva – Nešporová, Olga – Paloncyová, Jana – Vidovićová, Lucie: Zpráva o rodině 2020 [Family report 2020].  Praha: VÚPSV, v. v. i., 2020. 251p., lit., obr., tab. – ISBN      978-80-7416-379-1 (print);   978-80-7416-380-7 (pdf)


The Family Report 2020 loosely follows up on the Family Report 2017, updates it and expands it with the specific topic „(in)stability of the family“. The report is based on analyzes of administrative and statistical data sources and is supplemented by the results of sociological sample surveys. The key conclusions of these analyzes include the following in selected areas: demographic background; setting structural (financial) conditions of families; reconciling work and personal life; housing; family stability and its institutional support.

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