We are looking for respondents for the “Integration needs and barriers to the integration of selected subpopulation foreigners living in the Czech Republic” project

Respondents should be citizens of Ukraine, the Russian Federation, Mongolia, India, Bulgaria and Romania who live in the following regions of the Czech Republic – the Capital City of Prague, the Pilsen region, the South Bohemian region, the Pardubice region, the Liberec region, the Hradec Králové region, the South Moravian region and the Vysočina region.

Knowledge of the Czech language is not a prerequisite. The length of the interview will be around 60 minutes (face-to-face or online interview – WhatsApp, Skype, Webex, etc.), the payment to you is CZK 1,000, and anonymity will be fully guaranteed. The number of respondents is limited.


If you are interested in being interviewed, please contact us:

Mgr. Jan Kubát, jan.kubat@vupsv.cz , tel: 605 546 333

Mgr. Danica Schebelle, danica.schebelle@vupsv.cz , tel: 777 712 056


See the whole leaflet:

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