A new research report by RILSA: on health care and the health status of foreigners in the Czech Republic

SCHEBELLE, Danica – KUBÁT, Jan – MAREŠOVÁ, Jarmila – OLECKÁ, Ivana – ŽOFKA, Jan a kol.

Souhrnná výzkumná zpráva smíšeného výzkumu o zdravotní péči a zdravotním stavu cizinců v ČR [Summary research report of mixed research on health care and the health status of foreigners in the Czech Republic]. Prague: RILSA, 2020. 245 p., ISBN    978-80-7416-381-4 (print); 978-80-7416-382-1 (pdf)


The summary research report provides information on the specifics of public health care and the health status of foreigners from third countries. It aims to contribute to the research already done in this area and push the boundaries of knowledge about current knowledge gained through mixed research method, focused on selected areas of foreigners‘ confidence in the quality of health care, their strategies for solving health problems and personal approach and responsibility for own health.

The mixed research included for the first time an analysis of available data sources of the National Health Information System for the whole Czech Republic and for specific groups of foreigners from third countries and foreigners from EU member states (outside EEA countries) performed by the Institute of Health Information and Statistics of the Czech Republic. The outputs of the analysis are the subject of a separate report Health care and health status of foreigners in the Czech Republic from NHIS 2009–2018 data.

Another important part of the mixed research was the realization of a questionnaire survey by quota sampling, which included a surveyed set of 1 000 respondents – foreigners with the citizens of Ukraine, Vietnam and the Russian Federation with place of residence in the territory of five selected regions of the Czech Republic. The findings of the mixed research were further enriched and expanded with the experience of experts from the medical practice.

Due to the period of realization of mixed research, the summary and partial research report does not reflect the situation in the period of covid-19 spread, however the published findings have a high potential for formulating adequate integration measures concerning the health status and health care of foreigners as well as potential for interdepartmental negotiations.

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