New RILSA policy paper: Location Choice and Dispersal Policies: Ukrainian War Immigrants in the Czech Republic

By means of policy papers, experts from RILSA/VÚPSV provide a thorough insight into selected social policy topics and suggest recommendations for decision-makers in the respective areas.

This year’s third VÚPSV/RILSA policy paper has been published in English, as have the previous two policy papers. The authors attempt to explain the geographically uneven distribution of Ukrainian war refugees in the Czech Republic by analysing the various factors that influence their choice of place of residence, including ethnic networks and employment prospects.

The research conducted found evidence of a positive correlation between the number of Ukrainian refugees and (1) the number of previous Ukrainian immigrants who settled in the Czech Republic and (2) the number of available employment positions. In addition, the authors conducted a review of foreign studies on the effectiveness of resettlement policies and found that relocation policies exert mixed effects on the labour market integration of refugees. The VÚPSV/RILSA group of authors recommends that the instigators of Czech resettlement policy take into account both the integration of refugees and intentions to remain in the country.

RILSA Policy Paper, No. 3/2022

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