Recruitment strategy

The Research Institute for Labour and Social Affairs applies a recruitment strategy based on so-called OTM-R (Open, Transparent and Merit-based recruitment) principles


All recruitment selection processes are open to both internal and external candidates. Information on the selection process for the position of researcher is published on our website and via the Euraxess portal. They are also published as a matter of course via:


Each applicant is provided with the maximum amount of information on the conditions and criteria of the selection process in advance. At all stages of the selection process, candidates are informed of the status of the procedure and the subsequent phases. Part of the communication with the applicant concerns the provision of feedback on their strengths and weaknesses.


Applicants are assessed on the basis of their overall experience and the results achieved throughout their careers. We apply a wide range of evaluation criteria, including the professional qualifications and personal prerequisites of the candidates. We consider both experience and mobility to be valuable contributions to professional development.

All the stages of the selection procedure are set up so as to ensure equal opportunities for all candidates. All forms of direct and indirect discrimination with regard to gender, sexual orientation, age, origin, religion, health, marital and family status, political and other attitudes, etc. are excluded. Career breaks and so-called changes in the chronological order of the CV are not considered to be negative considerations.

The Institute hereby declares that it will further strengthen the application of these principles and will systematically remove any obstacles to their application in full in the recruitment process. The Action plan adopted as part of the HRS4R researcher recruitment strategy includes the following steps going forward:

– publication of the composition of selection committees in order to further strengthen the transparency of the selection process and the criteria applied for setting up such committees

– reduction of the administrative burden for applicants

– publication of an internal mechanism for addressing complaints from candidates

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