Number  Name  Years
MV82422 Specifics and barriers to further vocational education and retraining of Ukrainians in the Czech Republic when entering the state system of organized retraining and further education 2022-2022 
627622 Flexible forms of work in the Czech Republic 2022-2022 
IP70618 Circumstances of entitlement to "Advance of Maintenance Payment" and socio-economic situation of its recipients 2022-2022 
MV682522 The Third country foreigners integration in The Czech Republic 2022-2022 
627722 Collective bargaining as a key part of a well-functioning social market economy and cooperation between the social partners at sectoral level 2022-2022 
914822 Reach Out to the "Left-Behind" – improving guidance for working persons from the underprivileged milieu 2022-2024 
IP70620 Family Report 2023 2022-2023 
IP70714 Research aimed at evaluating the activities of municipal social workers in relation to the structure and needs of their clients 2022-2024 
NF914922 Increasing Capacity of the Trade Unions in the Czech Republic 2022-2024 
915022 Access of children with specific needs to preschool care 2022-2023 
ZZ914720 Control and prevention of undeclared work in complex chains of ecomomic activity 2021-2021 
EF682021 Intergenerational differences regarding intercultural awareness and intercultural communicative competence in the adult population of Ukrainians and Russians living in the territory of the Capital City of Prague 2021-2021 
IP70616 Use and functioning of the institute of custody care in practice 2021-2022 
IP70316 Reflection of the social safety net in the covid-19 period 2021-2022 
IP70803 New forms of employment - a trap or the way of the future? 2021-2022 
IP70712 Effectiveness of active employment policy measures in times of economic boom and in times of COVID crisis, with attention to long-term unemloyed 2021-2022 
DZ627421 Phase II of the research on the Qualified Employee Programme (formerly the Ukraine Scheme) as reflected by the members of the Confederation of Employers' and Business Associations of the Czech Republic 2021-2021 
EF681720 The Third country foreigners integration in The Czech Republic 2021-2021 
DZ627521 The role of social dialogue in combating discrimination in the work process in an international context 2021-2021 
IP70707 The quality of the provision of social work in the Czech Republic – the creation of methodology for the assessment and implementation of an initial evaluation 2020-2022 
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