Number  Name  Years
IP70618 Circumstances of entitlement to "Advance of Maintenance Payment" and socio-economic situation of its recipients 2022-2022 
IP70620 Family Report 2023 2022-2023 
915022 Access of children with specific needs to preschool care 2022-2023 
IP70616 Use and functioning of the institute of custody care in practice 2021-2022 
UP691820 Improvement of data basis for development and evaluation of family policy 2020-2023 
691920 Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on single parents 2020-2022 
IP70607 Family Report 2019-2020 
IP70612 Impacts of the rate of parental conflict on children and the role played by post-divorce care arrangements 2019-2023 
IP70608 The identification of barriers to the access of Roma children to foster care 2018-2020 
IP70611 Main Economic and Social Indicators of the Czech Republic (Bulletin) 2018-2022 
IP70610-13 Research of the homeless population in the Czech Republic from the viewpoint of economic activity as a function of the various phases of the life cycle 2018-2021 
IP70604 The assessment of the effects of the child tax benefit and the child allowance on the socio-economic situation of families with children, including the assessment of the potential synergic effects of both support tools 2018-2018 
IP70606 Comprehensive research of the situation of families and seniors 2018-2022 
DZ626317 2017-2018 
58/2017 Development of and active participation in the Family Policy Concept of the City of Prague 2017-2017 
NF-CZ13-PDP-2-002-01-2014 Analysis of Quality and Accessibility of Specialized Long-Stay Social Services for Adult Victims of Domestic Violence 2016-2016 
523 Family report 2016-2017 
522 Families in the middle stage of the family cycle I. - II. 2016-2017 
531 The impact of a death on the socio-economic situation of households 2016-2017 
512 Three pillars of safety 2015-2016 
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