Number  Name  Years
IP70714 Research aimed at evaluating the activities of municipal social workers in relation to the structure and needs of their clients 2022-2024 
IP70707 The quality of the provision of social work in the Czech Republic – the creation of methodology for the assessment and implementation of an initial evaluation 2020-2022 
NF691620 Creating a system for quantitative data collection to evaluate the situation of Roma in Czech society 2020-2024 
IP70310 Evaluation of the effectiveness of the use of the state allowance for the provision of foster care for activities performed by accompanying care providers and authorised persons and the quantification of the costs of the various activities incurred by accompaniment 2020-2020 
IP70512 International comparison of the scope and structure of care allowance recipients and the conditions for the granting of the allowance in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Austria 2020-2020 
UP691319 Implications of an ageing population concerning the need for long-term care – the potential for reflecting innovations from abroad in Czech practice 2019-2020 
626819/2019 Legislative and institutional conditions for social enterprises and for the employment of persons disadvantaged in the labour market with regard to the specifics of employment of convicted persons and persons with the criminal record 2019-2019 
IP70704 Research on the attractiveness of the discipline of social work for students of secondary, tertiary professional schools and universities and research on the professional competence and personal prerequisites necessary for the performance of social work 2018-2019 
IP70702 Research of the ethical dilemmas, values and principles of social work 2018-2019 
DZ626418 Socio-demographic analysis of the Lovosice municipality with extended powers 2018-2018 
IP70507 Typology of social benefits and developments in the insurance and non-insurance social security systems in terms of suitability and effectiveness. 2018-2019 
626618/2018 Analysis of Barriers to Employing Persons Released from Imprisonment in the Labour Market and Possibilities to Employ Them; Influence and Support of Social Dialogue 2018-2018 
IP70202 Seeking a suitable approach for collecting ethnically-sensitive data in the Czech Republic 2018-2020 
IP70506 Parametric changes and systemic reforms in foreign pension systems 2018-2022 
UP690918 New approaches to ensuring the availability of social services at the regional level 2018-2019 
UP691018 Outreach performance and the subsequent setting of social assistance objectives by municipal social workers 2018-2020 
IP70509 The economic situation of seniors in residential social services facilities 2018-2019 
IP70510 Determining the economic situation of persons with disabilities in residential social services facilities 2018-2019 
IP70511 Identifying the barriers and requirements of persons at risk of addiction (alcohol, illegal drugs and pathological gambling) 2018-2019 
IP70508 The Integration of Persons Released from Prison 2018-2019 
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