Number  Name  Years
NF691620 Creating a system for quantitative data collection to evaluate the situation of Roma in Czech society 2020-2024 
IP70802 Balancing flexibility and job security – the preferences and expectations of young people under 35 and their role in the acceptance of new forms of employment 2020-2021 
IP70311 The requirements of integration and barriers to the integration of selected subpopulations of foreigners living in the Czech Republic 2020-2021 
EF681720 Indicators of the integration of foreigners from third countries in the Czech Republic 2020-2020 
UP691820 Improvement of data basis for development and evaluation of family policy 2020-2023 
IP70310 Evaluation of the effectiveness of the use of the state allowance for the provision of foster care for activities performed by accompanying care providers and authorised persons and the quantification of the costs of the various activities incurred by accompaniment 2020-2020 
DZ627220 Experience of employing foreigners in member companies of the Confederation of Employers’ and Entrepreneurs’ Unions of the Czech Republic with respect to social dialogue 2020-2021 
DZ627120 The influences of conditional release on the potential for obtaining and maintaining employment following release from imprisonment 2020-2020 
IP70512 International comparison of the scope and structure of care allowance recipients and the conditions for the granting of the allowance in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Germany and Austria 2020-2020 
691920 Impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on single parents 2020-2022 
IP70607 Family Report 2019-2020 
IP70801 The reduction of working hours 2019-2019 
IP70103 The monitoring of labour costs in the Czech Republic, European Union countries and the USA 2019-2019 
IP70612 Impacts of the rate of parental conflict on children and the role played by post-divorce care arrangements 2019-2023 
UP691319 Implications of an ageing population concerning the need for long-term care – the potential for reflecting innovations from abroad in Czech practice 2019-2020 
EF681519 Health care and the situation concerning the health of foreigners in the Czech Republic 2019-2019 
EF681419 Indicators of the integration of third-country nationals in the Czech Republic 2019-2019 
626819/2019 Legislative and institutional conditions for social enterprises and for the employment of persons disadvantaged in the labour market with regard to the specifics of employment of convicted persons and persons with the criminal record 2019-2019 
EF626919 Enhancing the quality and efficiency of the further education system 2019-2021 
IP70309 Identification of barriers to the provision of career guidance services – barriers as identified by clients: public opinion research 2019-2020 
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