Research into social protection focuses on continuous monitoring of the similarities and differences between social protection systems in the Czech Republic and in other EU member states and other developed countries.

Another focus of research is the question of how ready society and institutions are to adopt and implement social security measures and the social acceptability of new, untraditional forms and solutions.

Research also targets the quality of public services and compliance with the required standards. Another particularly topical issue is assessing the efficacy of the social protection system, its benefit as a whole and its interaction with other types of policy (education, health, tax…) seeking to prevent and eliminate risks of poverty and social exclusion and to activate marginalised groups of the population on the labour market.

Research also scrutinises the role of the various actors in the creation and reform of social protection policies and at both national level (social partners, pension funds, NGO social services providers…) and international level (EU, ILO, World Bank, OECD, ISSA…). Financial flows (mainly in pension insurance and social services), the minimum and actual values of social benefits and the structure of their beneficiaries are also analysed.